City of Deltona FL
2345 Providence Blvd., Deltona, FL 32725
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Thornby Park
110 Providence Blvd.
110 Providence Blvd.
Detlona, FL 32725


Thornby Park was officially opened to the public on February 12, 2011. This park is an all inclusive "INSPIRATION PLAYGROUND" and is one of 19 parks operated by the Parks and Recreation Department.

The City of Deltona and Volusia County became co-owners in March 2009.  The City contributed a half of the $3,000,000 purchase price and Volusia County, through the Volusia Forever Program, paid the remaining cost. The City was awarded a Volusia County ECHO Grant of $393,750 to assist in the construction of the all-inclusive playground. The site is almost 40 acres of pristine wooded property including 1,000 feet of shoreline on the scenic St. John's River. This project is a valuable asset for Volusia County and the City of Deltona.

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