Animal Control

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The Animal Control Division is responsible for picking up stray dogs, investigating animal bites, abandonment, animal cruelty cases, and other complaints.

Our goal is to keep all owned animals confined to their property and to ensure animals are vaccinated and licensed. Our objectives are:

  • To minimize the risk of rabies outbreaks and threats to public health and safety by vaccinating dogs and cats against the disease.
  • To reduce the number of dogs and cats euthanized at the Humane Societies.
  • To provide a pro-active response to dangerous dogs to reduce the number of animal bites.
  • To provide the public with a timely response to complaints and adequate follow-up to ensure complaint resolution.
  • To promote responsible pet ownership.

Our Animal Control Officers are proactive within our community. We were visited by Heritage Middle School AVID students. The kids enjoyed asking questions, learning, and seeing one of our Animal Control capture demonstrations.