Lost & Found

Basset Hound named CecilWe utilize social media to reach out to our residents to help find their missing dogs.  Please call 386-878-8701 to report your dog missing or if you find a lost/stray dog. The most common thing we hear is that collars and tags are not on your missing dogs. Please be sure to put on the collar and tags. This will assist us in returning your pets. 

The use of social media is a tool to aid in locating a missing pet; it is not a substitute for looking for your pet in person. Remember as much as you miss them, they miss you too! Here you can place a description and photo of a missing pet, give details on the location where it was lost or found, and reunite missing pets with their owners. 

Visit the Lost Animals, City of Deltona, Facebook Group.

If you are looking for your lost pet, please call the Halifax Humane Society at 386-274-4703, or the West Volusia Humane Society at 386-734-2450.