Business Tax Office

The City of Deltona has levied business tax, pursuant to Ordinance Number 10-2007, and subsequently amended by Ordinance Number 05-2009. The City of Deltona is eliciting assistance from local residents and newly formed businesses in aiding and identifying companies conducting business within the City limits. If you did not receive an invoice from the City on or about July 1st for business taxes, please contact the Business Tax Office at 386-878-8559. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Obtain a Local Business Tax Receipt (Occupational Licenses Tax)

In order to conduct business in the City of Deltona, all businesses must first obtain a Local Business Tax Receipt (formerly known as an Occupational License) issued by the City of Deltona. This is a tax that provides for the privilege of engaging in a business, trade, or occupation within our city. The fee for each business varies. In addition, Volusia County requires a business tax as well. You must receive the certificate from the City prior to applying with Volusia County. For questions regarding Volusia County's process, please call 386-736-5938.

The requirements for obtaining a local business tax receipt vary with each profession. Some businesses necessitate a State license, and we require a copy of this license prior to the issuance of the local business tax receipt.

Therefore, to apply for a local business tax receipt, stop by Deltona City Hall located at 2345 Providence Boulevard You may contact us with any questions concerning your business at 386-878-8559.

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