Pre-Plan Inspections

In addition to receiving an annual Fire Safety Inspection, many businesses and commercial occupancies in Deltona receive an annual Emergency Pre-Plan Inspection, in which crews from the local fire station visit the facility to conduct pre-emergency planning to ensure that their response is as efficient and effective as possible in the event of an emergency. Pre-emergency planning for certain target occupancies is a requirement of the Insurance Services Office (ISO) that sets the fire insurance rates for all the properties within the City.

This inspection is handled at a different time than your Fire Safety Inspection and this service is provided at no charge (although, if violations are noted, your property may be referred for a Fire Safety Inspection, for which there may be a fee).

Because the fire crews must balance their emergency response duties with their inspection duties, they cannot schedule Emergency Pre-Plan Inspections far in advance. However, if your property does require such an inspection, the crew will call you first to schedule a time that is convenient.