Fire Safety Presentations


Offered to church groups, Homeowner Associations (HOAs), civic organizations, schools, etc.45 to 60 minute presentation on topics:

  • Home hazards
  • Importance of smoke alarms/maintenance
  • Exit drills in the home
  • Fire safety tips

Children / School

Firefighter at Firefighter Story TimeThis event is classroom based and will present children with basic information on what to do when encountering a fire. Topics can include; "Tools not Toys," "Stop, Drop, Cover, and Roll," "Stay Low and Go." Discussions include dangers of playing with lighters and matches, having two ways out of your house, having a meeting place, and using 911. Programs are tailored in time and content to the age and needs of the class.

Firefighters give fire safety presentations to elementary school-aged children in two parts:

  • The first 30 minutes of class, firefighters, equipped with their gear, teach key fire safety lessons and emphasize that firefighters are their friends.
  • The second 30 minutes consists of an engine demonstration.

Groups are preferred (25 children or less).

Further Information

'Please call 386-575-6901, for more information.