Youth Firesetter Prevention Intervention (JFS)

The Youth Firesetters Intervention Network of Volusia County (JFS) is a multi-agency collaborative effort to provide an educational and diversionary program for youth directly involved in firesetting behaviors. A youth firesetter is a child between the ages of 4 to 17 years old that is directly involved in firesetting behavior either out of curiosity, crisis, peer-pressure, delinquency or pathological reasons.

Remedial counseling is provided, as needed, for under-age youths that present an at-risk firesetter behavior. The program's overall objective is to keep these children out of the judicial system and prevent any possible injuries or property damage that may result from firesetting.

If you know of a child that has been involved in fire play, contact:

Lisa Nadeau, Fire Inspector, YFPI - Administrator/Coordinator
Email Lisa Nadeau
Deltona Fire Department
Office Phone: 386-878-8656