Text to 911

In an emergency, the best and fastest way to get help is calling 911. But today, for those who can’t make a phone call, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office is rolling out “Text to 911.” Sheriff Mike Chitwood explains ‘Text to 911’ service in a video available on VCSO’s Facebook, YouTube and Twitter accounts. Below is a fact sheet that answers some common questions about the service. For anyone interested in visiting the Communications Center for a story in the coming days and weeks, just let us know and we’ll help coordinate with you.

911: Call if You Can - Text if You Can’t

Text to 911 in Volusia County

Citizens and visitors in Volusia County can now send a text message to 911 during an emergency or life-threatening situation. When seconds matter, a voice call to 911 is the best and fastest way for the 911 call taker to retrieve and deliver life-saving information. A text message may take longer. If you are in an area that will not accept the text message, or if it is temporarily unavailable, a bounce back message will be sent stating “make a voice call to 911 for help; text to 911 is not available”.

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