The City of Deltona's Adopt-A-Street program is a volunteer litter control program coordinated through the City's Public Works Department. Participants agree to pickup trash and litter in the right-of-ways and medians along the streets they adopt and as often as necessary to keep the area clean. Most streets require litter pickup at least every two weeks. Participants may select any street in Deltona that has not yet been adopted. Participants should select areas they can handle within their own, or their organizations, time and health constraints, but they will be expected to maintain their streets. Withdrawal from the program is possible with proper notice.

Adopt-A-Street is built on the concept that volunteers at the local level, helping to keep their streets cleaner, will help build more community pride. This in turn will contribute to a safer city and retention of property values. Adopt-A-Street calls on individuals, small organizations and businesses to take responsibility for shorter distances in both residential and commercial areas rather than longer stretches of state or county roads. This program does not attempt to set standards for community cleanliness. It does, however, aim to promote neighborhood cohesiveness and to project an attractive city with a comfortable quality of life. Joining Adopt-A-Street is a nice way to get acquainted with your neighbors. There is not a cost to be involved in the program, only the time involved of you and your team members.

For more information, email Sonia Clay or call 386-878-8962. A sign will be placed on the street that's been adopted, indicating the name of the person(s) who have adopted the street.

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