Disaster Case Management Services

Disaster Case Management Continues to Assist Survivors for the Long Term

Disaster Case Management remains fully funded by FEMA, managed by the Florida Commission on Community Service (Volunteer Florida), and implemented by multiple agencies, depending on where the survivor is located. The program involves a partnership between a case manager and a disaster survivor to develop and carry out the survivor’s long-term recovery plan. The services are available to anyone in the designated counties impacted by Hurricane Ian and continues to assist survivors for the long term. This partnership gives the survivor a single point of contact to help develop:

  • An assessment of verified disaster-caused unmet needs
  • A plan that outlines the steps necessary to achieve recovery
  • Identification of available resources

The case manager will:

  • Monitor the survivor’s progress toward goals
  • Provide client advocacy, when necessary

Long-term unmet needs may include financial, physical, emotional or spiritual well-being, as well as referrals for materials and/or labor to provide support to survivors in their recovery. The case manager helps households return to a state of independence. Individuals who may have suffered losses not covered by federal, state or local government programs may benefit from the case management services. Disaster Case Management services remain available even though the registration deadline has passed. Florida requested that FEMA approve the program for use in the counties affected by the flooding that followed Hurricane Ian.

Residents of Volusia County can contact Family Endeavors, Inc at: 407-487-2362 or via email at DCM_FL@endeavors.org; or online at Hurricane Ian Disaster Recovery (endeavors.org)

For more information about Hurricane Ian recovery in Florida, visit fema.gov/disaster/4673 and https://www.floridadisaster.org/

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