How do chloramines affect fish?

Like chlorine, chloramines are toxic to fish and must be removed from their water. Two methods are generally used to remove chloramines from water: 

  1. Add specific agents to remove chloramines and ammonia
  2. Use a high grade of granular activated carbon to remove chloramines. See your pet store for details.

Since fish and other aquatic animals take chloramines directly from the water into their bloodstreams through their gills, chloramines, just like chlorine, must be removed from water used for keeping live freshwater and saltwater fish and other aquatic life including Koi fish, lobster, shrimp, frogs, turtles, snails, clams and live coral.

Water conditioners specifically designed to remove both chlorine and chloramines are commercially available. Pet stores and stores that sell pet supplies will be able to provide information on de-chloramination products. While de-chlorination products will neutralize the chlorine, de-chloramination products will also neutralize the ammonia as well as the chlorine.

The de-chloramination process is similar to what you may already be doing to remove chlorine from your aquarium water. Some people, however, may simply let water sit for a period of time to allow chlorine to dissipate. Chloramines will not dissipate in this manner. A water-conditioning agent or activated carbon filter specifically designed to remove chloramines must be used according to product instructions. Area pet stores have been notified of the change and should be able to provide information on de-chloramination products and instruction.

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