What is Automatic Bill-Paying?

Automatic Bill-Paying lets Deltona Water residential and commercial customers with satisfactory payment histories have their monthly utility payments automatically deducted from a checking or savings account.

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1. What is Automatic Bill-Paying?
2. What are the advantages of Automatic Bill-Paying?
3. How does Automatic Bill-Paying work?
4. How long before my first payment is automatically deducted?
5. How will I know when my Automatic Bill-Paying will start?
6. What if I try Automatic Bill-Paying and I don’t like it?
7. My bill is different each month. How will I know how much money I owe?
8. Is Automatic Bill-Paying risky? I don’t want mistakes made in my bank account.
9. What if I change banks or accounts?
10. How can Deltona Water take money out of my bank account?
11. How can I assure my right to question the amount if I believe there are billing discrepancies?
12. What if the bank does not honor the payment because of insufficient funds or because the account was closed?