Building & Compliance Services Department

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Mission Statement - “To provide the most professional Permitting, Inspections, Code, Animal Control, and Solid Waste Services to the Citizens of Deltona by the most effective and efficient means possible. Building and Compliance Services will endeavor to provide the highest level of Customer Service to the public by continuing to train and educate the staff. Office response to public needs will be addressed through improvements in office automation and the introduction of new policies to streamline and simplify procedures.”

The Building and Compliance Services Department is responsible for enforcing all regulatory chapters of the Florida Building Code, Florida Fire Prevention Code, along with City Codes enacted by the City Commission to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Deltona. This is accomplished by assisting citizens in understanding and complying with all codes and ordinances related to the development process in the City.  

Animal Control Division: Deltona Animal Control is responsible for picking up stray dogs, investigating animal bites, abandonment, animal cruelty cases, and other complaints. Animal Control can be reached at (386) 878-8701.

Code Compliance Division: Code Compliance is responsible for assisting our citizens in understanding and complying with Building Codes, Zoning Ordinances, Parking Ordinances, and other City Ordinances related to the development process in Deltona. Code Compliance can be reached at (386) 878-8700.

Building Services Division: Construction Services is responsible for providing plans review, permitting, and inspections for the built environment of citizens of Deltona complying with the Florida Building Code, State Statues, and City Ordinances. Building Services can be reached at (386) 878-8650 or (386) 878-8660.

Fire Inspection/Safety Services Division: is responsible for periodic life safety inspections of both home-based and commercial businesses, fire code violations, land development review of new construction projects and plans review and construction inspections for all commercial buildings, including interior renovations, fire suppression systems, fire sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, burn permits, tent permits, underground and aboveground tank installations, as well as many other life safety issues. Fire Inspection/ Safety Services can be reached at (386) 878-8655.

Solid Waste Compliance Division: Garbage/Solid Waste Services is responsible for ensuring that all solid waste generated and accumulated within the City shall be collected, removed and disposed of properly. This division is funded by the Solid Waste Management Fund. Solid Waste Compliance can be reached at (386) 878-8723.



Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Angela Lima-Meyer Building & Compliance Services Administrative Supervisor (386) 878-8703
Danny Ron Customer Service Supervisor (386) 878-8572
Gladys Merced Lien Assistant (386) 878-8705
Mark Gibson Officer Supervisor (Wednesday - Saturday) (386) 878-8717
Richard Lovett Officer Supervisor (Sunday - Wednesday) (386) 878-8708
John Boden Assistant Director/Building Official (386) 878-8653
John A. Peters, III, P.E.