Goals & Objectives and Performance Measures


The Department has and will continue to strive for excellence obtaining in our goals of:

  • Increased effectiveness of office and field staff through education and cross training.
  • Increased financial efficiency by performing more duties with less staff.

We are continuing to maintaining next day inspections by utilizing a multi-licensed plan review and inspection staff.  We continue to provide 30 different types of permits as walk thru permits allowing the customer to complete the permitting process and receive a building permit in one visit to the department, saving the customer time and money.

Added a Customer Service Supervisor and two (2) new customer service representatives.

We continue to track and abate nuisances at foreclosed homes.

Made changes to allow for the collection of cost associated for the clean-up of nuisances over $1,500 to be collected by a non-ad valorem assessments by including such assessments on the tax bills issued for the collection of ad valorem taxes.

Hired a contractor to assist in preparations for and advertise an RFP for new solid waste hauler contract.

Estimated and advertised the new rate per residence for the new solid waste hauler contract services.

Our Animal Control Officers are continuing visiting all of the elementary schools in Deltona providing information to the students on our function and service within our communities.

We continue to work with the preservation companies that perform maintenance for banks with foreclosed homes.

Key Objectives:

  • Increase the Department’s efficiency and the City’s appearance by reviewing and making recommendations.
  • Increase the effectiveness of the office and field staff through education and cross training.
  • Increase the financial efficiency of the department by performing more duties with less staff.