Campaign Signs/Advertising

Political campaign messaging includes the use of signs. The City of Deltona's current Code under Chapter 102 does not define political signs nor does the Chapter include a section or provisions devoted to the display of political signage. However, the Code does provide guidance with regard to political signs.

Chapter 102 regulates signs through location, size, and type (pole, monument, etc.) standards. The Code also has requirements for both temporary and permanent signs. With regard to political signs, such signs can be considered temporary and special event oriented.

Temporary signs within the City, unless exempt, do require a permit. Temporary signs can be permitted up to 120 days. Please note the temporary sign requirements include (but not limited to) signs on posts and a set back at least 10’ from the right of way. 

With regard to political signage related to the election cycle the following shall apply:

1. Political signs are allowed on a developed single family dwelling lot with the permission of the homeowner/resident. No permit needed.

2. Political signs cannot be located in a public right of way. If political signs are associated with a sanctioned polling station, such signs need to be removed two hours after the election. If located elsewhere, the signs must be removed within 48 hours after an election. Signs should not obstruct the vision of the traveling public at intersections, etc. No permit needed.

3. Signs larger than the 24”X18” normal political sign placard size, but no more than 32 square feet, will need to be permitted as a temporary sign. Permit needed but no charge for political signs.

Political signs may be removed by the City which are considered unmaintained or unsafe.

For more information go to the City of Deltona's Code of Ordinances.