Citizen Boards/Committees

Coming soon in March, there will be a new link on the homepage of the City’s website called “Agenda and Minutes” where all Commission, board and committee agendas and minutes will be available in order to become more ADA compliant and will replace this page. Please keep in mind the link will only have records from January 1, 2020 to present and any records prior to that can be requested at (386) 878-8505 or


Regular Meeting DateMeeting Time

Affordable Housing Advisory Committee

3rd Tuesday of Each Month


Citizen Water Committee  
Development Review Committee  

Economic Development Advisory Board

2nd Friday of Each Month


Firefighters’ Pension Plan Board of Trustees

As Needed, Quarterly


Ordinance Review Committee

1st Thursday of Each Month


Planning and Zoning Board

3rd Wednesday of Each Month


Southwest Deltona Community Redevelopment Agency

As necessary


Special Magistrate

4th Wednesday of Each Month


William S. Harvey Deltona Scholarship Advisory Board

As Needed


Qualifications, Duties & Responsibilities

VOLUNTEER TO HELP YOUR CITY: Serve on a City Advisory Board, Committee or Sub-Committee!

The City of Deltona is currently seeking members for:

  • The Affordable Housing Advisory Committee
    • 1 - Representative of employers within the City of Deltona
    • 1 - Representative engaged in the residential home building industry in connection with affordable housing
    • 1 - Advocate for low income persons in connection with affordable housing

If you would like to volunteer for one of the City’s Advisory Boards or Committees, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at (386) 878-8100, by email to or fill out an online City Board/Committee application (In order for the application to be accepted ALL fields must be filled in.  This includes a list of references).

The City Clerk's office maintains applications in an active file for six (6) months. If you have submitted an application within the last six (6) months, but were not chosen and would like to be considered for another Board, please contact the City Clerk's Office and ask that your application be placed up for consideration.

All City Board/Committee meetings are held in City Hall, 2345 Providence Boulevard, in the designated room, locations of other Boards/Committees are designated by the organization.