Request To Speak

Dear Citizen:  The public is encouraged to participate on all matters before the City Commission. In order to speak on items of concern, please either complete this form and hit "Send" at the bottom and an electronic copy will be forwarded to City Clerk, or the form will be available at the Commission meeting to be filled out and submitted to one of the City's staff members in the Commission meeting room (at the table in the front on the far left of the room).  Completing this form will allow the City Clerk to call upon those wishing to be heard.  It is highly suggested that you arrive on time to the meetings as they will start promptly at the start time and your name will only be called once. Unless approved by the Mayor in advance, the time limit for public participation is four (4) minutes for Regular Commission Meetings and two (2) minutes for Workshops, however,

DEADLINE: The deadline to submit the form is promptly by 5:00 p.m. the Friday before the meeting date.

REQUIRED FIELDS:  Please note there are several "required" fields which must be filled in or staff will not receive the request.