Code Compliance Division

Our Main Goal
The goal of the Code Compliance Division is to maintain a high-quality community environment in accordance with all relevant City standards and to ensure cooperation and coordination between code compliance, licensing, and law enforcement functions and agencies and to provide the public with a timely response to complaints and adequate follow-up to ensure complaint resolution.

To search for Code Cases established after July 16th, 2019 use the City of Deltona Self Service.

Staff Duties and Functions
Code Compliance is responsible for assisting our citizens in understanding and complying with Building Code, Zoning Ordinance, Parking Ordinance, and other ordinances related to the development process in Deltona.
This responsibility is achieved by the officer: running cases both proactively and reactively along with communicating with the resident rather than in person, by email, or by phone.

Examples of Common Complaints

  • Accumulation of trash and debris on a property
  • Construction work being done without a permit
  • Improper parking at a property
  • Inoperable motor vehicle on a property
  • Operating a business without a City Business Tax Receipt
  • Overgrown weeds and grass
  • Signs in the road right-of-way

For more information on common code violations and the requirements/rules please visit the City Code Requirements and Rules Page.

Lien/ Code Search and Lien Information
For Lien Searches and more information about liens please contact:
Lien Search Specialist at (386) 878-8705 or for ML or DEL liens and Code searches.

The Code Compliance Officers perform inspections and compliance with applicable codes along with protecting citizens by controlling the City’s animal population. They must complete a 40-hour certification course before becoming a Code Compliance Officer and a minimum of 16 hours of refresher training every two years to stay certified.

NameTitlePhone Number

Asst. Director

(386) 878-8702

Administrative Supervisor

(386) 878-8703

Renee Cairney

Lien Assitant

(386) 878-8705

Code Compliance Officers Sunday - Wednesday Shift

Officer NameOfficer TitleOffice PhoneOfficer Email
Danny Ron


(386) 878-8708

Dennis Mues


(386) 878-8709

Marion Lariscy


(386) 878-8707

Steve Braukhoff


(386) 878-8706

Bashir Tourkzi


(386) 878-8714

Taylor Soukup


(386) 878-8718

Kristen Coulter


(386) 878-8719

Germario Millender


(386) 878-8716

Todd Meade


(386) 878-8716

Code Compliance Officers Wednesday - Saturday Shift

Officer NameOfficer TitleOffice PhoneOfficer Email
Mark Gibson


(386) 878-8717

Jeff Scott


(386) 878-8710

Josue Garcia


(386) 878-8720

Nelson Nieves


(386) 878-8721

Josymar Jimenez


(386) 878-8713

Tyler Russo


(386) 878-8715

Nicolas Lopez


(386) 878-8712

Janice Polascik


Lindsey Longstreet