Frequently Asked Questions

My neighbors haven't mowed the grass in weeks and it is very overgrown. Can anything be done about this?

Yes, City ordinances state grass and weeds over 12 inches high are declared to be a nuisance and must be cut. Code Compliance will post the property in violation and send the owner the same notice. If the property is not mowed after 10 days of posting, we will have it mowed and charge the owner.

Can I put a pod/storage unit or dumpster on my property?

Yes, you can put one in your driveway for 30 days. If it is for the construction of a home, a dumpster is allowed to be there for the duration of the job.

How does Code Compliance process my complaint?

A detailed explanation can be found on our Code Compliance Procedures and Methods page.

My neighbor has a huge tree that looks like it is going to fall on my property. Can you tell them to remove it?

The City of Deltona views trees that are either shared by neighbors or that appear to be an issue as a civil matter between both residences. We recommend that you send them a certified letter, asking for them to tend to the tree in question through the United States Postal Service. This will ensure you will have confirmation of the letter reaching the owner. You can locate their mailing address through the Volusia County Property Appraiser's website or by calling them at (386) 736-5901. We also suggest you keep a copy of the letter you send to them for your records.

What does improper parking mean?

Improper parking is when the vehicle is not parked in an approved driveway, approved driveway expansion, and/or the side of the home behind the front face of the home or the rear of the home.

If planning to permanently park on the side of your driveway you are going to want to look into how to put in an approved driveway expansion. This is when you define a space with a border and replace the grass with either mulch, pavers, or gravel. 

My neighbor’s fence is falling down on one side, is there anything the city can do to help me?

Yes. The City’s Minimum Standard ordinances do require that “accessory structures” such as a fence, be maintained and kept in good repair and in sound structural condition.

Can someone have a junk vehicle stored in their yard?

No. City ordinances prohibit vehicles that are inoperative, wrecked, partially dismantled, or otherwise mechanically incapable of being operated in their present condition, or without current state license tag if required, on private property except within a completely enclosed garage.