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Commission Workshops & Other Meetings                                              Date
Special Commission Meeting07/07/2020
City of Deltona COVID-19 Virus Press Conference06/29/2020
City of Deltona COVID-19 Virus Press Conference06/01/2020
City of Deltona COVID-19 Virus Press Conference05/14/2020
City of Deltona COVID-19 Virus Press Conference04/23/2020
City of Deltona COVID-19 Virus Press Conference04/16/2020
City of Deltona COVID-19 Virus Press Conference04/06/2020
City of Deltona COVID-19 Virus Press Conference04/01/2020
City of Deltona COVID-19 Virus Press Conference03/19/2020
Commission Workshop Meeting03/09/2020
Commission Workshop Meeting02/24/2020
Commission Workshop Meeting02/10/2020
Commission Workshop Meeting01/27/2020
Commission Workshop Meeting01/13/2020
Commission Workshop Meeting12/09/2019

Citizen Water Committee- KPMG Audit

Commission Workshop Meeting11/25/2019
Commission Workshop Meeting10/14/2019

Citizen Water Committee Meeting 5


Commission Workshop Meeting09/09/2019
Commission Meeting (starts at 5 seconds)09/05/2019
Commission Workshop Meeting08/26/2019
Citizen Water Committee Meeting 408/28/2019
Citizen Water Committee Meeting 308/21/2019
Commission Budget Workshop08/12/2019
Commission Meeting (starts at 7 seconds)08/05/2019
Citizen Water Committee Meeting 207/24/2019
Commission Budget Workshop07/22/2019
Citizen Water Committee Meeting 107/17/2019
Commission Budget Workshop07/18/2019
Commission Budget Workshop07/08/2019
Commission Meeting (starts at 7 seconds)07/01/2019
Commission Budget Workshop06/27/2019
Commission  Workshop(audio only)06/24/2019
Commission Meeting (starts at 6 seconds)06/17/2019
Commission Workshop05/28/2019
Commission Meeting05/20/2019
Commission Workshop05/13/2019
Commission Workshop03/25/2019
Commission Workshop03/11/2019
Commission Workshop02/25/2019
Commission Workshop02/11/2019
Commission Workshop01/28/2019
Commission Workshop01/14/2019
Commission Workshop11/26/2018
Commission Swearing-In Ceremony11/12/2018
Commission Workshop08/13/2018
Special Commission Meeting07/23/2018
Commission Workshop07/23/2018
Special Commission Meeting07/16/2018
City Commission Meeting07/16/2018
Commission Workshop07/11/2018
Commission Workshop06/25/2018

Commission Workshop


Commission Workshop

Special Commission Meeting04/30/2018

Joint Meeting of the City Commission and Volusia County School Board

Commission Workshop04/09/2018
Commission Workshop03/12/2018
Special Commission Meeting02/27/2018
Commission Workshop02/26/2018 - No Video
Commission Workshop02/12/2018
Commission Workshop01/22/2018
Commission Workshop