Paying Online

As a customer of Deltona Water, you can conveniently Access Your Account Information online 24/7 and pay your account balance for free!

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions regarding Accessing Your Account Information. Should you require additional assistance accessing your account, or if you have questions not addressed below, contact our Customer Service Center.

How do I get to the Online Payment site?
Place your cursor over Online Services, a tab located on the main toolbar at the top of the website, and select Utility Bill Payments from the drop down menu. This link will direct you to the account search screen.

How do I find my account?
Using a recent bill as your reference, key the last five digits of your Customer Number in the Account Number field. Key the first six digits of your customer number into the Customer ID field. Click search to find your account.

Why am I receiving the error "No records were found for your search. Please try again."?
The information entered in the search fields must match your bill exactly or your account will not be found. If after comparing the information to your bill, you still cannot determine why you are receiving this error, contact our Customer Service Center and we will be happy to walk you through the search process.

When should I check the option "Remember my search criteria"?
The option to remember your search criteria is convenient when you are utilizing the site on a regular basis. However, if you are logging on from a public computer, or if you are sharing your computer with other users, this option is not recommended.

Why are multiple service addresses/accounts found when I search on the information for one account number?
If you have multiple accounts with Deltona Water, or if you have had service at other locations in the past under the same name and Customer ID, all of those accounts will be listed. This allows you to manage multiple active accounts or view and make payments on closed accounts.

Why am I unable to modify the payment amount?
The account balance must be paid in full when processing an online payment.

Why was my account assessed a penalty on the same day I made an online payment?
Online payments are posted on the next business day. If you are past due, or you have been disconnected for non-payment, call the Customer Service Center at (386) 575-6800 and pay your bill by phone to prevent further charges and/or to expedite reconnection.

There is a bill showing online that I have not received. Why?
When bills are generated in the system, your online account is immediately updated to reflect the new charges. The new charges are posted prior to your bill date. On your bill date, your bill is mailed to you. If it has been several days to a week since your bill date and you still have not received your bill, contact customer service to have a duplicate bill sent.

I have made an online payment, but there is no option to log out of my account. How do I log out?
Simply close out of your internet browser.