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Do you have what it takes to be a Deltona Firefighter?

Gas TrainingBeing a professional firefighter requires dedication, attention to detail, and pride. Each member of the department is an integral part of the team that protects Deltona's citizens. Firefighting isn't just about riding around in a fire truck and saving the day. Education is a vital part of every day and Deltona firefighters spend several hours a month doing EMS and fire training as well as educating the general public.

The day starts bright and early at 07:30 a.m. with a briefing from the off-going crew and a thorough check of the equipment. This includes checking your own safety equipment, checking the medical equipment, and pre-assigned tasks to ensure that the fire truck and firefighting tools are all working properly.

Each crew is responsible for ensuring that assigned tasks are completed. This includes checking fire hydrants, visiting businesses to ensure they are following fire safety practices, public education programs for all age groups, and responding to emergency and non-emergency incidents.

The Deltona Fire Department has a wide variety of programs that allow firefighters to explore specialty fields.

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To be hired as a Deltona firefighter, applicants must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Be a Florida State certified Firefighter.
  • Information about the Florida State Firefighter certification is available from the Florida State Fire College.
  • Be a Florida State certified Emergency Medical Technician or Paramedic.
  • Information about Florida EMT or Paramedic certifications is available from the Florida Department of Health: Florida Department of Health/Bureau of Emergency Medical Services
  • Possess a High School Diploma or GED.
  • Possess a valid Florida Driver's License and have an acceptable driving record.
  • Not have used any form of tobacco for at least a year prior to application.  


What are the requirements to become a Florida State Certified Firefighter?

  • Completion of a Florida State Approved Firefighter course.
  • 360 hours of training:
  • Firefighter I, Firefighter II, and Florida specific requirements.

If I hold a Firefighter certification in another state, can I become certified in Florida?

  • The State of Florida will accept training that is the equivalent of Florida's firefighter requirements. Click to view Florida State Fire College Firefighter Minimum Standards.

Where can I take state-approved classes to become a Florida firefighter?


What are the requirements to become a Florida certified Emergency Medical Technician or Paramedic?

Where can I get training in order to become a Florida State certified EMT or Paramedic?

Fire Trucks


Firefighter: Duties include firefighting, vehicle extrication, emergency medical duties, training in the above fields, and public education programs among other things. Firefighters are assigned to engine companies and are under the direction of a company lieutenant. Firefighters can complete 80 hours of  Florida State certified apparatus operator training and can qualify to ride out of class as a Relief Driver. Click to view the Florida State Fire College Apparatus Operator Certification and Testing website.

Driver/Engineer: The Driver/ Engineer is responsible for safely operating the apparatus. Drivers are eligible for promotion after a minimum of two years experience with Deltona Fire Department. In addition, drivers must complete 80 hours of apparatus operator training and in-house testing. Drivers must be able to operate the apparatus pump as well as maintain all of the equipment on the trucks. Driver/Engineers completing Fire Officer I and II certifications can qualify to ride out of class as a Lieutenant.

Lieutenant: The Lieutenant is the company officer and is responsible for the daily functions of the entire station. Lieutenants are eligible for promotion after a minimum of two years of experience as a Driver/Engineer. In addition, Lieutenant hopefuls must complete numerous classes pertaining to Incident Command and personnel management. Deltona requires that officers hold the Florida State certification as Fire Officer I and Fire Officer II: Florida State Fire College Fire Officer I Certification. Deltona also hosts Incident Command Blue Card training, a class which trains all members in the basic principles of controlling a large scale emergency incident.

Division Chief: The Division Chief is responsible for an entire shift including all five of Deltona's stations, all five suppression apparatus, the rescue unit, and specialty units. College education and years of experience form the foundation from which the Division Chief manages personnel, apparatus, and major incidents.


The firefighters of Deltona are proud members of the International Association of Fire Fighters. Local 2913's activities include member education, labor relations, and numerous charity events - including the annual MDA Boot Drive. Local 2913 members strive to preserve the special family bond shared by firefighters all over the world. Click to visit the Deltona Professional Firefighters Local 2913 website.


If you are interested in joining a dynamic team and making a difference visit the link below for position openings and application information:

City of Deltona Curreent Employment Vacancies

Information is also available at:

City Hall
2345 Providence Blvd., Deltona, FL 32725
(386) 878-8100

Deltona Station 61
1685 Providence Blvd., Deltona, FL 32725
(386) 575-6901