Fire Department History

In 1964, following the completion of approximately 400 homes, the residents of this community formed the Deltona Volunteer Fire Department. As Deltona continued to grow, the need for fire service multiplied. In 1965, the first station was built on Lombardy Drive.

In 1969, the community of Deltona elected to provide its own fire protection when over 75% of the voters elected to create the Deltona Fire District. Four years later the same community voted to enlarge its fire protection boundaries to an area very similar in size to the current City of Deltona boundaries. In 1974, the Fire District built the second station on Providence Boulevard and the third station on Howland Boulevard was built in 1976. In 1983, Deltona took a big step when the community voted to have the Fire District provide first call Emergency Medical Services, a move that truly demonstrates the will of Deltona’s electorate. The popularity of pre-hospital emergency care resulted in the further development and enhancement to include full Advanced Life Support paramedic service.

Finally, the 1995 vote to form the City of Deltona caused the creation of the Deltona Fire Department, the City’s first service. Today, the department operates five stations, each with the most advanced Emergency Medical and Fire Protection Service in Volusia County. Due to efficient financial management, these services are provided to the citizens of Deltona at a lower cost than that of neighboring communities.