Discussion from the Deltona Water Public Forum:

Helpful information for keeping your water bill low
Irrigation Example

Discussion from the March 7, Deltona Water Public Forum:

Eight residents took the opportunity to sign up and have their bills evaluated and speak with Deltona Water staff after the recent presentation at the Deltona Water Public Forum. Staff discovered one of these customers receives services from Volusia County, one did not go to the back to meet with staff, and another just wanted to express concerns over the sewer rates, and one person was checking on the status of their leak adjustment submitted for a toilet leak. 

The remaining residents noted above average bills. This was due to increased usage. Staff discovered nearly all of these abnormal bills were related to a residential irrigation systems and in some cases due to the installation of new sod. In several of these cases a courtesy credit was given or had already been given (available to customers once every 24 months). 

Irrigation can be tricky! We want our lawns to be green but our utility bills to be reasonable. Residents in Deltona must adhere to the St. Johns River Management watering restrictions. During Daylight Saving, residents who live in an odd or no numbered address may water Wednesday and Saturday or just Saturdays during Eastern Standard Time. During Daylight Saving, residents who live in a home with an even numbered address may water on Thursdays and Sundays or just Sundays during Eastern Standard Time. Residents may not water between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. and water no more than one hour per zone. But…do you really need to water for that long? Overwatering deprives grass of oxygen and leads to poor root systems. Check out this video from WaterSense to find out exactly how much you’re irrigating.

Other Common Comments:

A couple of residents have asked the question, “Why does the amount of my water bill fluctuate so much?” Several years ago, Deltona Water adopted an inclining block rate structure. This rate structure encourages water conservation and was required during the permitting process for the utility.

Bills received prior to the installation of these conservation rates shouldn’t be compared to more recent bills. Residents should note that sometimes only a small increase in usage may bump their rate into the next per 1,000 gallon tier and thus mean an increase in their overall bill.

Inside City Limits Water vs. Outside City Limits Water   
Usage RangeCharge Per 1,000 GallonsUsage RangeCharge Per 1,000 Gallons
Inside City Limits Sewer vs. Outside City Limits Sewer   
Sewer Usage RangeCharge Per 1,000 GallonsUsage RangeCharge Per 1,000 Gallons
10,001-20,000No additional charge10,001-20,000No additional charge

Residents can find this information and more on the Deltona Water portions of this website.