Proposed services for trash collection

'You asked for better service, the City listened'

These are the services residents could expect to see for residential trash collection, starting Jan. 1, 2019:
1. Residential Garbage and Recycling pick-ups are scheduled for the same day.
     A.  One day a week service for both Garbage and Recycling.
     B.  Garbage Collection.

  1. Garbage containers must be placed at the curb after 6 p.m. the night before scheduled pick-up and removed and stored the evening following pick up – no later than 9 p.m.
  2. Your garbage truck will be a rear loader with one driver and 1 helper.
  3. You will receive a wheeled garbage can (either 96 gallons or 64 gallons) from the contractor – these garbage containers are often called “toters”.
  4. You may have additional containers that will be picked up but they must have two handles and a lid - for wheeled containers there is a weight limit of 100 lbs. For non-wheeled containers, they cannot weigh more than 50 lbs. 
  5. These garbage containers are for household waste and that waste must be contained in bags and may not be just loose in the container. If you have loose household waste in the container and that waste when dumped flies everywhere or the bags break– the contractor will make every effort to pick-up and clean the area. If there are repeated occurrences the contractor may report that to the City’s consultant so that an acceptable solution can be attained.
  6. Bulk waste (including sinks, countertops, doors, shelving, fencing) may also be placed at the curb for pick-up.  This includes white goods like stoves - also mattresses, furniture and etc.
  7. You may place up to eight passenger and truck tires per year at the curb for pick-up.
  8. Oversize truck tires require a special pick-up and additional fees may apply.
  9. Construction & debris (not considered bulk waste) from remodeling projects will not be picked up unless scheduled and additional fees will apply.  
  10. Move-outs & Abatements -if garbage cans and/or other trash is placed at the curb outside of the normal pick-up schedule then the City will deem the waste to be a public health or safety hazard placed in the city right-of-way and it shall be declared a nuisance.  The City is authorized to remove the nuisance, after posting the property with a notice requiring the property owner to abate (remove) the garbage & trash within 24 hours of the posting of the notice.  The property owner shall be responsible for any costs incurred by the City for abatement of the nuisance and a lien shall be imposed on the property. This same process applies to yard waste, recycling and any other garbage that is left on the public right-of-way.

     C.    Recycling Collection.

  1. Same day as garbage collection.
  2. The recycling truck will have one driver and one helper. 
  3. The City will use single stream recycling.
  4. You will receive one wheeled 64-gallon wheeled cart.
  5. The wheeled cart will be provided by the contractor.
  6. If you have extra recycling that does not fit in the container then it must be placed in a bin or a box. The use of plastic bags are not allowed.
  7. With single stream recycling, large cardboard boxes will be collected and do not have to be broken down.

     D. Yard Trash

  1. You will receive one day a week service – different day from garbage and recycling.
  2. Your yard waste truck will be a rear loader with one driver and one helper.
  3. Your yard waste must be properly prepared in bags or bundled and tied – it may also be placed in your “toter” so it can be easily dumped.
  4. Palm fronds may be laid “as is “on the curb for pick-up.
  5. The contractor will collect all yard waste up to 15 bags or bundles.
  6. The bundles may not be longer than five feet in length and bundles and bags must weigh less than 50 lbs. each. 
  7. The contractor is not required to pick-up excessive yard waste which would be defined as more than 15 bundles/bags; bundles that are longer than five feet in length and/or bags or bundles that weigh more than 50 lbs. – excessive yard waste requires a special pick-up, additional fees may apply and the excess will be scheduled for another day.
  8. If there is scattered yard waste on the road from the pick-up – such as a broken bag, etc., then the contractor is responsible for the clean-up.
  9. If you do not prepare your yard waste (scattered leaves, branches, etc.) as specified, it is not the contractor’s responsibility but your responsibility to clean up the area.