Roadway resurfacing!

Here's some of the roads being resurfaced this summer in our City
Summer Road Resurfacing
  • Alexander Avenue from Providence Boulevard to Alpine Drive
  • Cobblestone Avenue from Hager Street to Elgrove Drive
  • Colusa Street from Courtland Boulevard to Parnell Court
  • Estate Drive from Watersedge Drive to Lakebreeze Way
  • Eustace Avenue from Providence Boulevard to South Seagate Drive
  • Falmouth Avenue from North Midland Drive to Saxon Boulevard
  • Independence Avenue from Radcliff Street to Merrimac Street
  • Joel Court
  • Lakebreeze Way
  • Layton Avenue
  • Lear Terrace
  • East Lombardy Drive from East Normandy Boulevard to Rockhill Street
  • North Midland Drive
  • Monarco Avenue
  • Radcliff Street
  • Rockhill Street
  • Trellis Avenue
  • Waterview Drive