Understanding License Plate Readers

The VCSO has been utilizing stationary and mobile units in Deltona to fight crime

Under the direction of Sheriff Mike Chitwood, the Volusia County Sheriff's Office has successfully requested funding from the City of Deltona for the installation of five stationary and two mobile automated license plate readers (LPRs) in the City.  LPRs capture license plate information of vehicles traveling on a public road. The capture includes the time, date and location of the plate. The capture does not include pictures of drivers, facial recognition, or even information about vehicle ownership. Deputies take further verification measures before making contact with a suspect/vehicle. Information collected by LPRs is used only for law enforcement purposes and is limited by the Driver Privacy Protection Act. Deltona's LPR collection data is processed through the VCSO Crime Center. All data is purged every 90 days.

These LPRs have proven useful in our City and throughout the country when it comes to locating stolen vehicles, locating vehicles used in the commission of a crime, locating missing persons and more. "Hits" are also generated with an LPR captures a license plate related to an alert (silver, amber, etc.) or that's been flagged by National Crime Information Center (NCIC) or Floride Crime Information Center (FCIC). Thus, law enforcement agencies throughout the country are able to share information collected by LPRs.