Hurricane Disaster Recovery Program

Please review the following information on this page and complete the Pre-Screen.

Once you have completed the Pre-screen please follow the next steps;

  1. Call and schedule an appointment and provide the following; 
  1. Copy of Insurance declaration page.
  2. Copy of Insurance Adjusters Report.
  3. Copy of approval or denial letter from FEMA and/or SBA.
  • Once the Pre-screen has been reviewed and approved the applicant will then receive a Hurricane Disaster Application.
  • Hurricane Disaster applications will be not be accepted if the required items are not available at the time of the appointment, the application will be returned to you and you will need to re-schedule an appointment.  
  • Additional program requirements will be required before an applicant is determined program and income eligible.(See income limits below) Please note, submittal of the application or supporting documents does not guarantee acceptance or approval, therefore no commitment is made on either party.

Household Size

Very Low






























Hurricane Disaster Notice

To schedule an appointment and/or if you have any questions please contact: Becca Perdue at (386)878-8616 or Damaris Miranda (386)878-8603