Employee Appreciation

Shout Outs!

Throughout the month of March, we received “Shout Outs” recognizing co-workers for going above and beyond or making an extra effort regarding customer service, teamwork, positive attitude, creativity, extra effort, superior performance, etc.  It’s an easy way to recognize fellow co-workers whose efforts may go unnoticed and help build employee morale by providing legitimate positive feedback to each other!

We randomly select 10 winners each month! These 10 winners will be recognized in our monthly shout-out email as well as receive a $25.00 gift card.

All entries will be placed in the recipients' employee file.

Please call Yadira (x8765) to schedule an appointment to pick up your gift.

This month’s 10 winners are:

Tom Cioffi, Public Works: My coworker and friend Tom Cioffi prepared and cooked lunch for me and several other coworkers at Public Works Depot. Tom made baby back-ribs with his special sauce and rub, they were falling off the bones delicious. Thank you Tom I enjoyed your ribs. - Joseph Walker

Yadira Gonzalez, HR: Assisting with a special project that was time-sensitive. Thank you for jumping in and helping me meet the deadline. I really appreciate your positive attitude and attention to detail. You are an asset to the department. - Rebecca Wilk

Tony Elam, and Michael Ethier, Public Works: From Resident Doug MacDonald: Wanted to let you know that Tony Elam, Public Works & his crew did a great job for Kensington Estates HOA. We had to repair “pavers” in our main street which the city declined to take care of. They stated that these pavers were the responsibility of our HOA. That was ok with us. We did the job this day & his crew blocked off the street for us. Everything worked out perfectly. I know that this was aggravating for Mr. Elam because we had to cancel out 3-4 other earlier times due to bad weather, etc. But, we got it done. I wanted you to know what a great job they did for us.  As your manager, I wanted to personally thank you for the way you are representing the Department of Public Works as well as the entire City of Deltona. Keep up the good work!!  - Tom Cioffi

Steve Lamay, Public Works: Excellent public relations skills. Met with a resident who had a broken window and assisted him with finding a repairman. The resident was extremely happy with his interactions with the City of Deltona personnel. - Cat Amberson

Wendi Jackson, City Manager: Thank you Wendi for lending us the movie; for making the posters; for your trips to Wes Crile; for making the last minute oversized poster for hanging at the concession; your help with popping on movie night; your cheery attitude (providing us some music as we worked). Dependable, helpful. Thank you for always being so helpful! You never complain. - Marlene Brown

Becky Reyes Martinez and Mary Perez, Building: Thank you so much, Becky, for all of the hard work you did filling in for me while I was out! You’re an awesome team player! - Patti Mullins

Rebecca Wilk, HR: All your help with the research, phone calls, and explanations with an ICMA issue I am experiencing. You really are great with research as you don’t stop till you turn every stone and get answers. This is time out of your already busy schedule to accommodate me. I must say you are pretty patient and take your time with all the explanations. You are appreciated, Rebecca! - Marlene Brown

El Salvador Bey, Deltona Water: Follow up and complete repair alternate at the lift station. - Amy Kitakis

Congratulations to all of the winners!  You will all receive a $25.00 gift card!  Please stop by HR to sign for your gift card.  Supervisors, please let your employees know to stop by HR to sign for their gift cards.

The complete list of employees that received a shout this month are :

Cat Amberson, El Salvador Bey, Angelia Briggs, Tom Cioffi, Sonia Clay, Tony Elam, Michael Ethier, Yadira Gonzalez, Shaun Grady, John Hamann, Luis Irizarry, Wendi Jackson, Steve Lamay, Becky Reyes Martinez, Damaris Miranda, Heather Murray, Mary Perez, Josh Rinto, Milton Robles, Rebecca Wilk

You can nominate a fellow co-worker by sending your “Shout Out” via inter-office mail or by emailing me at ygonzalez@deltonafl.gov or dmagliotti@deltonafl.gov