Employee Recognition

"Shout Outs" for March 2018

We received 10 “Shout Outs” during the month of March. We encourage you to give a “Shout Out” whenever you see your co-worker going above and beyond, or making an extra effort regarding customer service, teamwork, positive attitude, creativity, extra effort, superior performance, etc. It’s an easy way to recognize fellow co-workers whose efforts may go unnoticed and help build employee morale by providing legitimate positive feedback to each other!

This month’s winners, drawn from the submissions below are: 

Ryan Register, Jorge Garcia, Kristina Connelly, William Jerelds, Miriam Castro, Joseph Martinez

Congratulations to all of the winners! You will all receive a $25.00 gift card. Please stop by HR to sign for your gift card. Supervisors, please let your employees know to stop by HR to sign for their gift cards.

Submissions for March

Joseph Martinez, Jorge Garcia, Carlos Agosto (Deltona Water) – “I observed the above Deltona Water crew members taking a brave action to save a couple of loose dogs. If not for the action of these three men, these dogs certainly would have been injured or lost their lives.  The roadway is heavily traveled and would not offer much chance for a runaway dog to survive.  These men took it upon themselves to wrangle up the dogs and get them to a safe place. .” Submitted by Phyllis Wallace.


William Jerelds, Miriam Castro, Kristina Connelly (Deltona Water) – “For willingly participating in the Water Public Forum and assisting customers with a positive and polite demeanor.  I genuinely appreciate your dedication and continued desire to work through the chaos and stress that we may endure, now more than ever.  Thank you for remaining professional and making each resident feel valued and appreciate just the same..” Submitted by Tamera Encarnacion.


Ryan Register (Deltona Water) – “Ryan Register has placed the highest score in the state for the 2017 Distribution Level 2 exam.  This is not an easy feat to accomplish and it shows great dedication and commitment to your job and the industry.  Congratulations on this achievement!.” Submitted by Crystal Harris.


Johnny Barret (IT Department) – “For helping me fix my glasses when I couldn’t see.” Submitted by Karissa Green.  


Ron Paradise and Steve Roland (Planning & DS/Building & ES) – “For the presentations they provided to the residents/applicants during the Hope maintenance & Rehabilitation Workshop on 3/8/18.  The residents stated they found both presentation insightful and informative.” Submitted by The Housing and Community Development Department.  


You can nominate a fellow co-worker by sending your “Shout Out” via inter-office mail or by e-mailing Cara at cburgess@deltonafl.gov.