FEMA Extends Transitional Sheltering Assistance

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FEMA Extends Transitional Sheltering Assistance Flyer
FEMA Extends Transitional Sheltering Assistance Flyer

March 24, 2023

DR-4673/4680-FL NR-091

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FEMA Extends Transitional Sheltering Assistance LAKE MARY, Fla. – FEMA approved an extension for Transitional Sheltering Assistance for survivors who still need time finding housing and continue to qualify for the program. There are two dates to pay attention to:

Must check out by June 30, 2023, for those who:

▪ Received housing assistance from the U.S. Department of Housing Urban Development before the disaster, but have not been able to move back into their HUD-subsidized home due to disaster damage and have not found another HUD or other housing resource; or

▪ Are eligible for Direct Housing (FEMA provided unit, Direct Lease, or Multifamily Lease and Repair Program) and are awaiting placement.

All other households currently checked into hotels under the TSA program must check out by April 29, 2023.

Hotels will be limited to those in the 28 Florida counties that are currently housing survivors in TSA participating hotels.

The lodging rate will remain at 250% of the General Services Administration rate for the location of the hotel, to include lodging rate and applicable fees and taxes.

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