Goals & Objectives

By any objective measure, Deltona remains a very safe City in which to live, work, play, attend school, raise a family and retire. In fact, Deltona’s crime rate consistently ranks among the lowest in all of Volusia County. This positive trend continued during calendar year 2014, when the City’s index crime rate -- which measures reported offenses on a per-capita basis across seven different offense categories -- decreased by 6.1 percent. The decrease in the City’s index crime rate was made all the more significant by the fact that it was achieved at the same time that Deltona’s population was growing by 1 percent, to 86,360.

Also of note in 2014 was the dismantling of a serial robbery ring. This occurred following the capture and interrogation of armed robbery suspects in DeLand. The ensuing investigation linked the suspects to a series of armed robberies in Deltona. On October 16-17, 2014, Operation ENDGAME was launched with the execution of search warrants at eight homes in Deltona, supported by the SWAT Team and in excess of 100 investigators from the Volusia and Seminole County Sheriff’s Offices. In total, the operation and follow-up investigation resulted in 13 arrests and the clearance of 18 criminal cases in Deltona, DeLand, Orange City and Sanford.

The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office wishes to acknowledge and thank the Mayor, City Commissioners and City Manager, both past and present. Their continuing support has been invaluable in providing effective law enforcement services and meeting the public safety needs of Deltona citizens. The Sheriff’s Office will continue its endeavors to reduce crime throughout the City through the application of modern, aggressive policing strategies and the use of innovative investigative techniques and technology.

Key Goals:

  •         Continue Provision of excellent law enforcement services to the City of Deltona.
  •         Overall reduction of crime incidents by 5% from previous year.
  •         Implement a License Plate Recognition (LPR) program for increased citizen safety and protection.

Key Objectives:

  •         Reduce incidents of residential burglaries by 5% from previous year.
  •         Reduce incidents of commercial burglaries by 5% from previous year.
  •         Reduce incidents of vehicle burglaries by 5% from previous year.
  •         Reduce incidents of commercial robbery by 5% from previous year.
  •         Reduce incidents of stolen vehicles by 5% from previous year.
  •         Reduce incidents of traffic crashes by 5% from previous year.
  •         Increase arrest warrant service by 10% from previous year.