Mayor & City Commission

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Heidi K. HerzbergMayor at Large
Victor M. RamosVice Mayor - District 5
Loren KingCommissioner District 1
Anita BradfordCommissioner District 2
Maritza Avila-VazquezCommissioner District 3
Robert D. McFallCommissioner District 4
Chris NabichtCommissioner District 6

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Florida has a very broad Public Records Law. Virtually all written communications to or from State and Local Officials and employees are public records available to the public and media upon request. The City of Deltona’s policy does not differentiate between personal and business emails. This means email messages, including your e-mail address and any attachments and information we receive online might be disclosed to any person or media making a public records request. E-mail sent on the City system will be considered public and will only be withheld from disclosure if deemed confidential or exempt pursuant to State Law. If you are an individual whose identifying information is exempt under §119.071, Florida Statutes, please so indicate in your email or other communication. If you have any questions about the Florida public records law refer to Chapter 119 Florida Statutes.


The City operates under a Commission-Manager form of government consisting of 7 elected officials and an appointed City Manager. Residents elect, through non-partisan elections, a Mayor who represents the City at-large and six Commission members who each represent a specific district of the community. Elected officials serve staggered, 4-year terms, with a limit of two successive 4-year terms.

The Mayor serves as the presiding officer at official meetings and as the ceremonial head of the City. A Vice Mayor is elected annually by the City Commission from among the Commission members. The elected officials serve with compensation as provided in the City's Charter and may request and receive reimbursement of actual expenses incurred while performing their official duties.

The Mayor and Commission are responsible for the legislative and policy functions of City Government. These functions include appointing Charter Officers (City Manager, City Attorney); enacting ordinances, resolutions and other official acts necessary for the proper governing of the City; reviewing and adopting the annual budget; reviewing and acting upon recommendations of the City Manager and various boards/committees; appointing advisory board members; contracting municipal services for the City; and promoting the protection, safety and general welfare of the citizens of Deltona.