2017/2018 Goals & Objectives

Key Ongoing Goals

  • Continue to increase park capacity for youth sports participants at Dwight Hawkins and Manny Rodriguez by improving field condition and amenities.
  • Complete beautification of plantings around City gateway signage at Howland Blvd. and Saxon Blvd.
  • Improve responsiveness to customer complaints within a 24 hour period through increased customer service training.
  • Enhance beautification of all Parks & Recreation facilities to align them with the City's uniform landscape template.
  • Develop Parks and Recreation projects that make Deltona facilities more appealing and attractive to visitors and residents.

Key Objectives

  • Build internal partnerships with the essential service providers to meet community needs.
    • Continue to manage facility use agreements (new/renewed/revised).
    • Ensure all maintenance/service contracts meet performance standards.
  • Aggressively market department and programming services.   
    • Continue to improve programming name recognition utilizing the City email and website pages.  .     
      • Update Advisory and sub-committee members monthly at publicly scheduled meetings.
      • Update, on City web page, meeting minutes within seven (7) days after a public meeting.
  • Continue to seek leaders and leadership development opportunities (i.e. fiscal management, strategic modeling, metric analysis) from the business community and other areas outside traditional parks and recreation.
    • Utilize available grant funding opportunities to enhance facilities and program services.  

2016/2017 Performance Measures:   

  • Agreements and contracts currently underway - 30.
  • Increase eye-appeal and cleanliness of department maintained facilities - 15.
  • Identify financial and programmatic partners to offset expenses department-wide - 4.
  • Advisory and sub-committees monthly meetings - 15.
  • Grant Applications - 1.