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For four decades, John Masiarczyk has been a respected figure in Deltona public life. As a civic and business leader, as a mentor and benefactor, as our first mayor, as a museum founder and curator of Deltona’s history – John’s devotion to this City and its residents is without parallel.

His story begins, as with so many of our residents far from this City of Lakes, growing up in Detroit and later moving with his parents to Walled Lake as a teen. As the Vietnam War was escalating John sensed opportunity in the United States Navy and he enlisted. The Navy stationed him in Sanford, Florida, where he soon heard about the good bass fishing to be found in Deltona’s natural lakes. When he completed his Naval Service John chose to make Deltona his permanent home. As a new resident John soon found camaraderie with fellow anglers and their families discovering something more – community service. John jumped right into volunteer work and civic causes which provided him the privilege of knowing and working with most of Deltona’s true pioneers.

As a civic-minded business and family man, his involvement in community life grew. Other citizens in Deltona recognized his leadership abilities and commitment and encouraged his entry into local government service. Volusia County governed Deltona through a Municipal Service District from the 1970’s with the Volusia County Council appointing a MSD Advisory Board to recommend actions related to the community’s governance, such as budgeting and spending for police protection, street repairs, parks and other services. John initially served as chair of the Parks and Recreation Committee, where he soon earned the revered moniker “Mr. Parks” for winning key commitments from the County Council and negotiating special local capital funding to establish and improve Deltona’s parks.

Some residents felt it was time for the community of Deltona to incorporate. Deltona had two failed attempts at incorporation but on the third attempt our community became a full fledge City in 1995. John worked hard for each of these attempts and in 1995, voters of the newly incorporated City elected John by an overwhelming margin to represent them as Deltona’s first Mayor. He and the first City Commission hired key staff and worked with them to carry out the plans promised to voters in the Incorporation Feasibility Study and City Charter. They set Deltona on a course of fiscal responsibility while improving municipal services throughout the City and Deltona’s relationships with the county, neighboring cities and regional government entities. Voters approved, returning John to the Mayor’s seat for 10 years until term limits required him to step aside. The return to private life didn’t end John’s involvement on behalf of Deltona as he set out to work with local Veterans to give our City a beautiful Veterans Park and Museum that is now enjoyed by all ages.

John Masiarczyk has come far in life and in his service to Deltona. He wanted to return to the job of Mayor of the City of Deltona because he truly believes civic involvement is the responsibility of each of us and he knows the value of participation and knowledge gained through experience. A student of history, he knows that we must understand and value the past in order to move forward. With that understanding, one knows what has been tried, the hard questions to ask and how to work with others for good results. John’s enthusiasm, energy and passion for serving Deltona have not waned. He has the experience, the time, proven abilities, and desire to make Deltona an even better place to live, work, raise a family and retire.

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