Santiago Avila, Jr.

City of Deltona Mayor wearing grey suit jacket outdoors

Mayor Santiago Avila, Jr. is of Cuban and Mexican descent and was born in Chicago, Illinois. He is happily Married to the love of his life, María Elena. Mayor Avila is the proud Dad of Eliana Isabel and he and his wife are excited to be expecting another baby. Mayor Avila has been a resident of Deltona, FL since 2009 and dedicates his time to charities and volunteering for causes he believes in.

Mayor Avila is also a social media influencer known as "The Constitutional Conservative" and hosts a Podcast with a listenership of over 25K people worldwide in his free time. He believes that when citizens learn the Constitution and know their rights they will be protected from an overreaching government.

Two of Mayor Avila's biggest drives are inspiring our youth to never quit their day dream and the need to inform voters of their natural rights as granted by our creator and written in our U.S. Constitution. 

Phone: (386) 624-1262

Fax: (386) 878-8851

ELECTED: 11/08/22 


Department Memberships

DepartmentJob titleDate Served - If Applicable
Mayor at Large
November 14, 2022
Active Membership