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City of Deltona Open for Business Mission Statement

Open For Business LogoTo provide the highest quality professional plan review, permitting, and customer service that respects the time and cost elements of a project to the maximum potential.

  • Organization – the City of Deltona provides an organized and predictable development review path through the use of checklists, pre-application conferences, on-going customer service, reduced number of Development Review Committee meetings, permit tracking, concurrent review, inspector accessibility, and electronic automation.
  • Consistency – the City of Deltona is amending the Land Development Code to remove redundancy and conflicting procedures to make for a simple and expedient development process.
  • Accessibility – the City of Deltona places a premium on customer service through a walk-in counter, meeting scheduling, electronic review of plans, a “one-stop shop” mentality, and electronic permit tracking.
  • Dynamic – the City of Deltona believes that the much-improved development review process is dynamic to the ever-changing improvements affording increased communication (electronic media) and expedited construction methods. Therefore, the City benefits from suggestions to improve the process on an on-going basis.
  • Efficient – the City of Deltona operates with the end goal in mind for a business or residence to receive a Certificate of Occupancy in the shortest period of time with the full cooperation of the applicant to achieve that common goal.

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