Frequently Asked Questions regarding Purchasing

How do I do business with the City of Deltona and whom do I call if I have a question and can't find an answer?
The City of Deltona has contracted with DemandStar for the maintenance of an automated vendor list categorized by specific commodities or services offered. Businesses who subscribe to the vendor list are notified by fax or e-mail whenever a formal sealed bid has been issued for the commodity or service offered by the business. To have your firm placed on the automated vendor list, contact DemandStar for details and subscription fees. The application asks for general information about your firm and lists the commodities and services the firm wishes to sell.

How does the City of Deltona obtain pricing?
The City of Deltona utilizes the following methods of purchasing: formal Request for Proposals (RFP), formal Invitation to Bids (ITB) and informal Request for Quotations (RFQ –written or phone). Formal solicitations, RFPs and IFBs, require the posting of a public notice, submission of a sealed bid or proposal, public bid opening and an award by the proper authority. Formal IFBs and RFPs are for purchases in excess of $25,000.

The City of Deltona also utilizes DemandStar for obtaining quotes through its QuoteWire. Informal requests for quotations may be either written or oral or obtained through Quotewire. Although a sealed bid technique is not used, all informal quotations are made on a competitive basis securing quotes from at least three vendors whenever possible.

How can I find out which services or commodities are currently being solicited?
This information can be obtained by visiting DemandStar. To receive automatic notification of bids/proposals from the City of Deltona, you must register with DemandStar.

Does the City of Deltona give preference points to local firms?
Except where otherwise provided by federal or state law or other funding source restrictions, purchases of goods, general services, or construction services by the City of Deltona shall give preference to local businesses in the following manner:

Under a competitive bid solicitation, the following shall apply:

  • If the low responsive and responsible bidder is not a local business or a locally-headquartered business, then any and all responsive and responsible local businesses submitting a price within ten percent (10%) of the low bid, and the low bidder, and any and all responsive and responsible locally-headquartered businesses submitting a price within fifteen percent (15%) of the low bid, shall have an opportunity to submit, within five (5) working days after the bid opening, a best and final bid equal to or lower than the low bid.
  • If the low bidder is a local business but not a locally-headquartered business, then any and all responsive and responsible locally-headquartered businesses submitting a price within five percent (5%) of the low bid, and the low bidder, shall have an opportunity to submit, within five (5) working days after the bid opening, a best and final bid equal to or lower than the low bid.
  • If no local business or locally-headquartered business submits a bid, then any and all  responsive and responsible local County businesses submitting a price within ten percent (10%) of the low bid, and the low bidder, and any and all responsive and responsible local State businesses submitting a price within five percent (5%) of the low bid, and the low bidder, shall have an opportunity to submit, within five (5) working days after the bid opening, a best and final bid equal to or lower than the low bid.
  • Award, if any, shall be made to the responsive and responsible bidder offering the lowest best and final bid.

How soon is payment made to vendors?
For purchases under $1,000, the City of Deltona uses the Bank of America Visa Purchasing Card. By accepting Purchasing Cards for purchases that are traditionally invoiced, you will realize improved cash flow while reducing paperwork and delays.

By accepting the Visa purchasing Card your company can realize the following benefits:

  • Receive payment in days instead of weeks
  • Reengineer your accounts receivable
  • Maintain preferred vendor status
  • Simplify and speed up the buying process
  • Electronically authorize our purchases
  • Eliminate invoices for our purchases

If you do not accept credit cards yet, call the Purchasing Card Supplier Hot Line at 1-800-228-5882 to find out how. For purchases $1,000.01 and above, a City of Deltona purchase order will be issued.

In the event that a good or service is requested by a City representative without an approved purchase order, please contact the Office of the Purchasing Agent immediately.

May I visit the Office of the Purchasing Agent and City Hall?
Sales representatives are a valuable source of information in obtaining bids, specifications, state of the art advancements or product improvements. They also assist in resolving problems in delivery, billing and payment difficulties, etc. We value your visits. However, we recommend you call for appointments in order to productively utilize our time and yours.

Can I contact departments directly to sell my products/services?
Contact for solicitation of products/services should be directed to the Office of Purchasing.

Does the City of Deltona give preference points to minority or women-owned businesses?
Preference points are not given to minority or women-owned businesses.

Types of contracts offered.
The City of Deltona normally contracts for two types of purchases, either a one-time contract or a term contract.

  • One Time Contract: The City Obtains required services or materials on a one-time basis. A firm price is requested for fixed quantities, or a fixed total price, with single or multiple delivery sites.
  • Term Contract: The City procures goods and services as needed, at fixed unit prices, through term contracts for estimated quantities of materials or services commonly used in volume by specific departments or on a City-wide basis.

How do I submit bids?
All bids and proposals shall be submitted as specified in the "Invitation for Bids" or "Request for Proposals" and delivered to the location stated in the bid documents. They must be received and stamped in the Purchasing Office on or before the due date and time stated. Bids and proposals received after the designated time will be returned unopened and will not be considered. Sealed envelopes containing bids or proposals must state clearly on the outside the vendor's name and address, the bid/proposal number, name of the bid/proposal and the date and time the bid/proposal will open.

Can I fax my bid to the City of Deltona?
No. The City will only accept sealed bids/proposals to maintain confidentiality until they are publicly recorded during bid opening.

Am I supposed to include tax in the price on an Invitation for Bid or a Request for Quotation?
No. The City is tax exempt.

What is a Pre-Bid/Pre-Proposal conference?
The pre-bid/pre-proposal conference is a meeting held to discuss the specific Invitation for Bid (IFB) or Request for Proposal (RFP) document. This meeting gives you the opportunity to ask questions and to request clarifications in the documents. Pre-bid/pre-proposal conferences are held for most formal RFP's solicited by the City. The pre-bid/pre-proposal conference is usually not mandatory, but suppliers are strongly urged to attend.

What about bond and insurance requirements?
Bonds and insurance may be required for various procurements. The City attempts to only require bonds and insurance in order to meet statutory mandates or when complex purchases warrant them to protect the City's interests. Bond and insurance requirements are specified in the solicitation.

Can I watch the opening of bids?
Yes, bid openings are open to the public. The location, date and time can be found in the bid documents. Purchasing presides over the bid openings. Other representatives of the City may be in attendance. Purchasing shall read total bid price, as well as any other information deemed pertinent. Formal proposals are publicly opened. No decisions of award or rejections are made during the bid opening. No discussions relating to the bids are entered into during the opening.

How do I know if I received the contract?
All formal bids are tabulated by Purchasing. Copies of the tabulations will be sent upon request to any vendor after the award. Copies are also available in the City Hall reception area. Bid results are not given out over the telephone. Tabulations are not available for proposals. After the award has been made, Purchasing will issue a purchase order to the successful bidder/offeror.

What criteria is used to award bids and proposals?
Bids for goods and non-professional services are awarded to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder(s). RFP award recommendations are based on other criteria in addition to price. The solicitation will specify the method of award.

What if I make a mistake on my bid?
The City of Deltona will allow for the correction or withdrawal of inadvertently erroneous bids before bid opening. After bid opening, corrections or withdrawals shall only be permitted to the extent that the bidder can show, by clear and convincing evidence that a mistake of a non-judgmental character was made.

What if the City of Deltona doesn't accept any bids submitted?
The City of Deltona reserves the right to reject any or all bids or proposals and to waive any informality in any bid/proposal. Any provision, which if changed or waived would materially change the bid/proposal, cannot be waived.

Where do I deliver my goods?
All purchases are made F.O.B. destination, unless otherwise specified. The City's title to goods occurs upon satisfactory delivery and acceptance at the delivery point shown on the purchase order.

All shipments to the City of Deltona must be made to the locations designated on the purchase order. Deliveries may be required to be made to different departments and divisions located in various parts of the City. The purchase order number must appear on the shipping or delivery ticket, as well as on the invoice. Failure to meet specified delivery schedules may result in cancellation of the order. At a minimum, such delinquency will be noted in the vendor's business file.

Why does the City of Deltona require delivery date information?
Vendors should always state, on the bid form, the number of days required before delivery of a product can be made, or they should indicate the specific date upon which delivery will be made. The time required for delivery may be one of the most important considerations in determining who shall be awarded the bid. Successful bidders will be expected to deliver the materials and/or services they are providing within the specified time. If delivery dates cannot be met, Purchasing must be notified immediately. Purchasing will decide, after notification of late delivery, what action should be taken.

What if I don't have the whole order?
A delivery normally must be made in the exact quantity called for on the purchase order. Partial deliveries, however, are required and accepted in some instances. The City will make payment on partial deliveries when (1) a contract for the supply of goods, commodities, or contractual services extends over a period of months; and (2) authorization for payment is made by the receiving department.

How do I bill the City of Deltona?
In order to receive payment for goods or services furnished to the City of Deltona, the vendor is required to submit an invoice to the City of Deltona Finance Department, at 2345 Providence Blvd., Deltona, FL  32725.  Submitting the invoice anywhere other than to the Finance Division may delay payment. Invoices must show:

  • City purchase order number
  • Complete descriptions of the goods or services furnished
  • Quantity
  • Unit prices and extensions
  • The discount terms
  • Name of department/division to which shipment was made
  • In addition, the invoice should include the vendor's invoice number. 

Questions regarding payment of invoices should be directed to Accounts Payable at (386) 561-2100.

How do I get paid?
After a purchase order has been awarded to a vendor, four steps remain before a transaction is completed.

  • Delivery and acceptance of goods or services to the using agency
  • Report verifying receipt of goods or services by using agency
  • Invoicing by the vendor
  • Payment by the City 

The vendor receives payment from the City after delivery and acceptance of the goods, commodities, or services. After the vendor has submitted an original and one copy of an invoice for goods or services, the invoice is matched with the City's receiving report and a copy of the purchase order. The City Finance Department then issues a check for the amount due to the vendor. Correct invoices are usually paid within 14 days of receipt.

How can I thank a Purchasing employee for their help?
Purchasing is prohibited from accepting gifts, trips, or any other valuable items or services from a supplier. A simple "thank you" or a short letter is acceptable.

Is the City of Deltona tax-exempt?
Yes. The City of Deltona does not pay sales tax. Our Tax Exemption number is: 85-8012678483C-0.

How can I renew a contract with the City of Deltona?
Before a contract can be renewed, two things must occur. First, the contract must have a renewal option. Second, both parties must agree to the renewal. Proposed changes to the contract may result in the City's refusal to renew.